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Coping with Conflict and Sexuality

Coping with Conflict and Sexuality
Coping with conflict

You can manage office conflict effectively in lots of ways. Practice active listening, ask clarifying questions, be willing to compromise, look at the bigger picture, watch your language, and put yourself in the other person's shoes. When the temperature goes up, actively look for ways to cool it down. Vent if you must (just not at work). Believe it or not, some conflict is actually helpful.

Managing ethical dilemmas

Countless unfamiliar situations can arise in the workplace - situations in which you simply don't know how to behave. Knowing how to handle every situation that comes up is impossible, but there are ways to handle the ups and downs of life on the job.

Handling sexuality

Know your company's policies before you get into any situation involving more than day-to-day contact with another employee. Your company may have rigid rules about fraternizing and may have special provisions designed to head off suspicions of harassment. The etiquette of office romances involves a combination of good judgment and discretion, but company rules are absolute. Yield to temptation of the wrong sort, and you may find yourself out of a job or transferred to a remote location that's snowbound eight months out of the year.

Assuming that both you and your prospective partner are unencumbered and officially eligible, and that your company has no policy against it, there's nothing shameful about a blossoming romance. But no etiquette exists for illicit romances - just sad consequences.
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