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Life's major passages

Life's major passages
Life's major passages

Special occasions, such as a coworker's wedding or your boss's birthday, can put your manners to the test. Even though you may encounter these situations less frequently in business, they often require you to be aware of a different set of etiquette rules. 

Whether you're attending a christening, a funeral, or a graduation, what counts most is that you are there for your coworkers, colleagues, and clients and that you show you care.

Overcoming Challenges at Work

Your success in getting along with others in your workplace has a major influence on your career success. You can have excellent job skills and good productivity, but if you don't fit in with the people you work with and your colleagues find you difficult, you'll have a much tougher time winning promotions and advancing your career. On the flip side, you may have to work with someone difficult or manage conflict among colleagues. In this section, I introduce the basics of overcoming these and other challenges.

Dealing with difficult people

Sometimes, folks who work together don't get along. Some people are difficult because of their personalities; others are difficult because of their positions in the company. You may never know why certain people are difficult, but the reason could be a lack of self-esteem or confidence.

For better or worse, what goes on at work comprises the most significant portion of your social life. You most likely spend more time with coworkers than you do with friends outside work, and in many instances, you spend more time at your job than you do with your family. Mastering the techniques of understanding various personality traits and group dynamics will make your work life a lot less stressful.
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