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Taking care when using technology

Taking care when using technology
Taking care when using technology

The Internet has developed its own unique rules for proper behavior. Although the Internet may seem to offer a perplexing array of new etiquette situations, the old rules still apply. Basic courtesy always means considering others' needs first; it requires you to make others feel comfortable, which forms the basis of what's called netiquette.

One of the main principles of Internet etiquette is remembering that you are interacting with real people in real time. Even though you see only words on a monitor, a flesh-and-blood person is behind them. This live human being deserves the same respect that you would offer him face to face.

The manners associated with these new devices have taken a turn for the worse. The problem isn't the technologies, but the ways they are being used and abused. Technology has made communication easier, yet at the same time, people have created a need for instant gratification. 

Although the information there may not be totally new to you, knowing the rationale behind it is always helpful. Either way, being able to distinguish yourself online as a considerate person to your colleagues and coworkers is important.

Behaving No Matter Where Your Business Takes You

In business today, you must know how to conduct yourself properly in a variety of situations. From company parties to the boardroom, your behavior is observed and judged daily by employers, clients, and coworkers. 

Knowing how to behave properly and respond in certain business situations puts everyone at ease and builds self-confidence. Your ability to establish effective working relationships wherever your business takes you can make or break your career.
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